Monday, October 16, 2006

Some days are sunny and warm. Mmmmmm, sunshine.

Other days are busy and productive. Phew! Efficiency!

Today, however, was car crashy.

Hank called me about an hour after leaving the house this morning. The roads were wet and slick from the first rain in a couple weeks, but she dropped Daisy off at school without incident. Then, as Hank was driving to work, a van was speeding down a hill towards her, and the driver apparently was overly optimistic about his ability to avoid smashing into our car.

Whoopsie! Really, it's a mistake anyone could have made. Who would have thought that a van might need to drop down from warp speed when executing turns on slick and hilly San Francisco roads?

Thankfully, Hank is doing ok. She's a bit headachy, which means that she probably got whiplashed, but all my favorite parts seem to be intact, so things are going to be alright.

Then, tonight, as I was taking the garbage out, I noticed all sorts of activity on our street, like neighbors gossiping in their slippers, and police lights flashing. As it turns out, the cops were chasing some guy in a beat-up Camaro (if I were a bad guy, I'd TOTALLY drive a Camaro), and the guy decided to drive down my curvy and very narrow street. Unfortunately for him, one of his tires blew before he got very far, and consequently he was unable to negotiate the turns while driving on 3 tires and a rim. He crashed into my neighbor's minivan and was promptly apprehended by the cops.

I know I live in San Francisco, which is a city with real crime, but I live on a pretty quiet street in a fairly residential neighborhood. This is the very first car chase I can remember happening here.

Anyway, there are only about 3.5 hours left in the day. I'm hoping we're all car-crashed out.


zelda1 said...

Glad to hear Hank is fine. However, sometimes, neck and back injuries are undetected for a few months out. I hate driving in the rain, people just aren't cautious enough.

The 4th Sister said...

I live in the Phoenix area and it does not rain very often here. I am sure there are drivers here that only drive on rainy days. You can pin point these drivers because of the way they are driving. If they drove like that everyday, they would be dead.

Zelda1, you can tell Mike is not concerned because the parts he likes seem to be fine.

Velvet Sacks said...

I'm glad Hank's okay. What about your car? I hope the other driver was all insurancy.

carey said...

Good grief. That must have been very scary for Hank. It's a little disconcerting when law-breakers and ne'er-do-wells encroach on your otherwise placid, neighborly neighborhood. We had a hostage situation nearby recently; they wouldn't even let us in or out of our houses. Weird.

Mike said...

Zelda1, yeah, hopefully Hank's head won't suddenly pop off.

4th Sister, I'm still concerned. What if one of my favorite parts falls off a month from now?

VS, our car is somewhat crunched and is at the shop now. We're driving a lovely Hyundai rental for the week. The other driver appears to be at least insurancish if not entirely insurancy.

Carey, 'fess up, was it YOU taking the hostages?

zelda1 said...

Yeah, the 4th sister, I noticed that too. Hmmmm, maybe he was talking about her brain and her nails.

Janelle Renee said...

Here's another person who is glad that Hank is fine and still in possession of all of her important parts.

At first I read your intro as "today... was car washy." If only! Car washy days are so much better than car crashy days.

Mike said...

Zelda1, sheesh. Fine, no more joking about my wife's parts.

JR, agreed. I'll be sure to wash my car when we get it back, to show it a little love.