Sunday, September 03, 2006

Man, Yosemite is purty! I'm really lousy about going through the 18 herculean steps that are required to transfer a picture from my digital camera to my blog, but I'll try to post some pictures in the coming days. Patsy requested pictures, and you know how she gets. Anyway, it's darn purty.

We cruised from San Francisco to Yosemite on Friday afternoon. By cruised, of course, I mean that we sat in traffic while I silently cursed being tricked into leaving the house again. Eventually, after racing through Yosemite Valley probably faster than any sedan in history, we made it to the Ahwahnee Hotel, where we were staying, in time for our dinner reservations.

The Ahwahnee is the premier I'm-Not-Going-To-Rough-It-So-Charge-Me-Through-The-Nose facility in Yosemite. It's a grand lodge in a ridiculously majestic location. Tellingly, "Ahwahnee" is also a Native American word that means "Many wampum, few amenities".

Sure enough, we paid more for our room than I've ever paid for a hotel room before. I mean, it was nice, and it had a walk-in closet, which is a rare treat in a hotel room, but how about delivering a newspaper to my room? Or maybe providing a mini bar? Or perhaps they could take the money that we spent in 36 hours and buy themselves a kick-ass computer so that the lady at the reservation desk doesn't have to page through a ream of paper just to make a dinner reservation? Just some ideas.

Instead, it looks like they took my money and bought rocks. Much of the hotel was built with rocks (and wood and tall windows). While Hank was using the ladies room at dinner one evening, I looked around at the grand dining room and estimated that I had paid about one dollar for each rock in there. I guess that's a good deal. They were pretty big rocks.

Yosemite is all about rocks, as it turns out. What makes the Yosemite Valley so spectacular is that it is surrounded by these gigantic walls of granite. You stand almost anywhere in the valley, and there are huge redwood trees all around you. Redwood trees are amazingly tall trees and are almost always the tallest things around. In Yosemite however, they are simply dwarfed by the immense granite walls and features. The sense of scale is absurd.

I had been to Yosemite before, once as a flu-ridden adult, and once as a child, but I had forgotten how damn scenic it is. It was nice to share the experience with Hank, who had never visited the park before. We spent Saturday hiking, biking, playing games, eating well, and enjoying each other's company. This was the first time we had ever left town without Daisy. Although this is entirely appropriate for an anniversary weekend, it was also a little disconcerting. Thankfully she was well-cared for and had a pretty good weekend herself. Next time we go to Yosemite, maybe we'll bring her along.


It was definitely too short of a trip though.


patsy said...

i don't see why you think posting photos is hard to do. i have only had a computer for 3 years and i find it very easy. i thought you were a computer whizz. down load google picca photo program and it is easy. glad you had a good time on the trip. i live in california in the 60's and i got to see the red woods but that was all except for sacratmento.

patsy said...

sorry that program is picasa, can't spell.

patsy said...

i just looked at the hotel, along way from camping out!

The 4th Sister said...

I do love a NICE Hotel....I always want a hotel room that is nicer than my home or what is the use...

patsy said...

i went on a trip with 4th sister once and she rented a NICE motel room. they had a sign listing all the items in the 2 rooms with a price list and stated if i took any of the items she would be charged for them. i tried to get her out of the room so i could shop but she would not leave!

Mike said...

Patsy, if I want to grab a picture from my digital camera and put it on the blog, here's what I get to do:

1) Find the camera
2) Find the card reader
3) Plug everything into the laptop
4) Use Picasa to import the 50 pictures we've taken since my wife last played this game(takes a minute or two)
5) Identify which pictures are good for the blog
6) Crop and edit the pictures
7) Copy the pictures to a location on our home network where they can be accessed by my Mac
8) Get annoyed that my home network sucks, so email pictures to myself
9) Go to MY computer
10) Download email
11) Grab picture and save it
12) Upload picture into blogspot domain
13) Edit stupidly generated image HTML so that image appears where I want it in my post.

Ok, so it's not 18 steps, just 13. Still, it's just less hassle to put up with your complaining.

4th Sister, yeah, it seems silly to stay in a hotel that's less nice than your home.

patsy said...

yeah that would be a hassel.