Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Things are getting busy.
  • Work is heating up, which is never pleasant (although Pablo has it worse than me!).
  • Daisy's school year has started, which means that we get up earlier in the morning and are generally a little more rushed.
  • I'm still working on my idiotic project to predict baseball winners (and so far in its first 2 days of predictions, it has done laughably poorly).
  • I've got a PTA Bored Meeting this week.
  • And I'll be out of town this weekend for my 10 Year Anniversary!
Anyway, try to manage your days despite the crushing depression caused by my light posting schedule.


The girl-next-door said...

I hope you've planned something nice to surprise Hank by...and resist the urge to listen to Daisy and get her a matching Tamagotchi...that wouldn't quite say I love you...

Mike said...

Hi GND, our romantic weekend away is our gift to each other. We've both sworn that no other gifts are to be given. If she reneges, we'll both be pissed.