Thursday, August 10, 2006


Everytime I step into a major airport I regret it. Today's bonus fun
game is that we aren't allowed to bring any liquids onboard. No
bottled water. No gel packs for Hank's back. No toothpaste in our
toiletries bag. I guess someone figures out that water is made from
hydrogen and hydrogen can be used in bombs.

The terrorists have won.


Janelle Renee said...

How ridiculous. The real terrorists are the idiots who come up with inane rules.

Bravo that you guys made it to the airport!

The Tart said...

I just heard no lipstick. Ditto with JR.

Have a fun trip otherwise ... hope Hank gets better!
The Tart
; )

zelda1 said...

YEAH, you are on your way. No water, no jell packs for Hank? Wow, that sucks. I have to fly to San Diego in Jan. Not soon, but still I am dreading that whole check the stuff thing. I might drive, beats the hell out of, well, whatever. Have fun.

99 Proof said...

Hi Mike, may I quote you on my blog? The thing about hydrogen and the terrorists have won ... it was so funny the way you said it .. I promise I will give you the credit for saying it and give your Blog name if you like. - frank

Mike said...

All, thanks! 99 Proof, sure, you can quote me. It's not my best work, but I'm a link whore at heart.