Saturday, July 29, 2006

Last weekend we threw a birthday party for Daisy, inviting all her little friends to go bowling. Today we threw her a birthday party where we invited all our relatives. Wheeeee, the fun never stops. Apparently Daisy is taking after our friend Nrd2, who celebrates her "Birthday Month".

Daisy had told Hank weeks ago that she really wanted someone to throw her a surprise party. Hank, never one to turn down a challenge, decided that we should do exactly that for Daisy.

The problem is, how do you surprise someone who not only asked for the surprise, but also keeps getting reminded about the party by every forgetful relative who says things like "Hey, see you next week at the party!"?

Thankfully, surprising a 7 year old is about 1,000,000 times easier than surprising a 40 year old. All you have to do is not mention the party for a couple days and the kid will completely forget. So when I brought Daisy home this afternoon, after an outing of errands and rollerblading (which went spectactularly, might I add), and when her cousins and other relatives jumped out, threw confetti, and yelled, "SURPRISE!", Daisy was geniunely astonished and delighted.

Her jaw dropped, she emitted high-pitched squeals, and she was generally word-free for about 30 seconds until she finally turned to Hank and screamed joyously, "YOU REMEMBERED!"

Thankfully this will be the last birthday party for Daisy for the next week and a half, at which point we'll be visiting her grandmother and aunt in Vermont. After that, birthday month will start to wind down.

Meanwhile, as if Daisy's birthday wasn't enough, she's attending two birthday parties for friends tomorrow. Consequently today, we had to go shopping to buy presents for the kids. One of them, her friend Kelli, loves to play pretend and dress-up with Daisy, so we went in search of dress-up clothes at Target.

All the dress-up clothes at target are for 4 year-olds. Kelli is an exceptionally tall 7 year-old, so that wasn't going to cut it. We bailed on the toy department and made our way over to the girls' clothing department to see if we could find fun dress-uppy clothes there. As it turns out, they did have fancy dress-up clothes, but only for kids who enjoy dressing up as hookers.

Frilly micro-mini skirts, feather boas, and spiky heels. The clothing department was a crotchless-panty away from being Hookers R Us. Charming. What happened to capes and witches outfits? Does anyone play doctor any more?

I was on a tight schedule, needing to get Daisy home at Suprise Party O'Clock, so I stuck with the dress-up plan. Sorry, Kelli. Happy Whore Day.


The Tart said...

U R too funny! I am just laughing my head off.

Happy Birthday to Miss Daisy!

The Tart
; *

Mike said...

Tart, thankee.