Friday, July 07, 2006

I wrote a post the other day bitching about how my new cleaning lady mismatches my socks. It's this type of scathing journalistic expose that my blog routinely traffics in. Apparently it creates bad karma though. The next morning she left the house without locking up. However, all the socks were matched.

Then, all day long, Google's blog search engine sent hits my way from people looking for the latest information on Star Jones.

Star freakin' Jones. For the blessed among you who don't know who she is, she's most famous for 3 things:

1) Being the overweight one on a talk show called The View
2) Losing weight
3) Getting fired from The View

Given that #2 and #3 negate #1, I think she's now anti-famous, but I'm really not in charge of these things. I'm just amused that people came here looking for Star Jones information when I merely selected her because I was looking for a simile for my mismatched black socks. Since she had been both fat and thin, she seemed like a mismatch all rolled into one person. I could have gone with Oprah, Al Roker, and even Nell Carter was one good diet away from being the joke centerpiece of that paragraph. Instead, my blog is Star Jones central. Go figure.

I'm just rambling today, but according to my blog notebook, I'm now officially all out of sock-related stories.


Neel Mehta said...

I'm now officially all out of sock-related stories.

C'mon, now. You mean to tell us that you never did Halloween dressed like a Red Hot Chili Pepper? (Cheapest costume ever, by the way. A 6-pack costs $3.99 and outfits 12.)

Sorry about the Star Jones traffic. Though you give me an idea... maybe I'll make her an Honorary Fictional Lawyer.

Mike said...

Neel, she has a non-fictional law degree, at least according to Wikipedia.

And, no, I've never put a sock on my thang. I'm a traditionalist who prefers to dress as a ghost for Halloween.

The Tart said...

You a Star Jones trafficker? Hmm, trafficker ... is this a word? Anywho, how funny!

Truth be told I got a bit fired up, thought you might post on the whole View drama.

On YouTube they have all Star's interviews. Including the one of Larry King farting while Star is on his show.

So I thought 4 sure you would have a say, natch! Ya know, with the farting & all. ; )

The Tart

Mike said...

Although my farting expertise is unquestioned, thankfully I am fairly ignorant of Star Jones knowledge. I'm intrigued by the Larry King intervie though....

Austin of Sundrip Journals said...

I happened to mention a porn site on my blog and ever since then people looking for that site have come to mine. The frightening thing is they view several pages.... why??? I promptly took that post down cause ya know, some of the stuff people look for is down right frightening. .. some of it is hilarious!!!

I missed the Larry King fart show. My goodness.

Mike said...

Austin, people will search for any possible combination of porn words. Here, I'll try this:

Sex George Burns Dildo Hyena Nipple Foreplay

It's just a matter of time...