Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I got nothing today. Let's do links.

You know those word verification tests that blogs often use to verify that it's a human leaving the comment and not a spam bot? (They're also called CAPTCHAs, which is an acronym for "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart"). Well, here's another take on them.

Basically the idea is that a computer wouldn't be able to tell "hot" people from "not" people. They show 9 images from HotOrNot and ask you, the designated human, to select the three that had been previously identified from HotOrNot as "hot". The test works surprisingly with the female version. As long as you select the three thinnest women, you'll always agree with their results. The male version was tougher for me. From this we can learn that I have unusual tastes in men.

Unrelated, Google is sending me inappropriate hits.

I am mortified to report that my blog is the number one result for the words rump aroma. I guess I'm Feeling Lucky.

Another google phrase that sends people here is the question What is Pablo's Theory? Apparently my blog supplies the answer to that question. Pablo's Theory, as it turns out, is that I am gay.

That concludes today's gay ass themed post.


Siôn said...

I suppose this may be a good time to say that I had a dream about you the other day. It didn't last long. You phoned me up, but I was still in bed so I couldn't speak once I'd lifted the receiver. You then put the phone down. Dream over. I was freaked.


Pink Palace Ninja said...

No, although I do (ahem) kind of like fat guys, I can pick out a traditionally hot man in 2 seconds flat! And there were no hot men on the hot "confirm you're human" thing.
So don't worry. It's more like "pick out the least freaky guy to confirm that you're human."

Mike said...

Siôn, when you woke up, were the sheets sticky?

Pink Palace Ninja! I attempted to confirm my humanhood several times and there were at least two times when I was unable to figure out which men were supposed to be the hot ones. I think there's a no freaky, no minority slant to it, but it's hard to say. It's easy with the women though.

dolface said...

hotcaptcha looks like a rip-off of kitten auth. http://www.kittenauth.com/node/5

(the demo seems to be broken right now, so you'll just have to take my word for it).

The girl-next-door said...

gay or not, Pablo's Theory explains why I have a knee jerking response everytime I have to work with a certain co-worker...so you're not alone on this one.

Mike said...

Dolface, kittens aren't sexy.

Girl Next Door, gay or not? Gay or not?!?!? You sure did zoom right past the crux of the issue.

Siôn said...

There were no sticky sheets. Just confusion.

Mike said...

Siôn, I suppose that's for the best. Less entertaining though.