Friday, June 02, 2006

My buddy, Pablo, just got back from a vacation that took him to the other side of the world. During lunch, we quizzed him about his vacation and the long flight he endured

Liz: How was the flight?
Pablo: Great! Since the flight essentially occurs at night, I popped an Ambien and slept through most of it.
Larry: Ambien?
Me: It's a prescription sleeping pill.
Liz: Ahhh, that's the one with the eating side effect, right?
Pablo: What?
Me: There have been various reports in the news about people sleep-eating while on Ambien. They consume crazy giant meals at night and then have no recollection of that the next day.
Pablo: .....That's.... uh.... are you serious?
Me: Yeah!
Pablo: *wheels spinning* Oh, man. I think I.... Whoa! *starts laughing*
Me: Did you...?
Pablo: *laughing*
Liz: *laughing*
Larry: *laughing
Me: *laughing* I cannot WAIT to hear the next sentence out of your mouth.
Pablo: This is all starting to make sense. At the beginning of the flight, they served us a big snack box. It was supposed to be our food for the next 8 hours. I went to sleep with the box in front of me, and then when I woke up, the box was empty and I was surrounded by food wrappers. I wasn't really sure what happened. You kind of wake up in a strange dreamy state with Ambien.
Me: You sleep ate! 8 hours of food!
Pablo: I can't believe it.

It's true!


tinyhands said...

That's about the only way most of us would eat airplane food too!

zelda1 said...

You are just bad! Poor Pablo. Sleep eating. I've heard of sleep murder, sleep stealing, sleep sex, well I've done the sleep sex one, but sleep eating. You are just mean.

Mike said...

Tiny, touche.

Zelda1, why am I mean? I'm not making fun of Pablo. It's just that Ambien happens to have a hilarious side effect.

Neel Mehta said...

I don't need Ambien to sleep eat. I do it all the time.

Except I'm not sleeping, and I'm fully aware of how guilty I'll feel in the morning.

Good times.

Mike said...

Neel, I think one of the requisite aspects of "sleep eating" is the sleep part.

Colby said...

I still think sleep eating is a much more desirable side effect than sleep vomiting.

zelda1 said...

it really has a side effect that makes you sleep eat. Wow. I will never do that drug.

Mike said...

Colby, unless you're sleep bulimic. Then they're both necessary.

Zelda, it really does!