Thursday, June 22, 2006

Although I read quite a few blogs (and some would say that I even write one), I don't really do the whole video blog thing. I realize that video blogging is only a little different from written blogs, but it's a slippery slope.

Once you start posting video blogs, then you're really only one step away from posting videos of yourself lip-synching to Backstreet Boys songs while dancing in your underwear. At that point you're just one step away from obsessively drilling glory holes into every public restroom stall you visit. At that point, you're maybe a little gay. So, for the sake of my marriage, I stay away from video blogs.

That being said, Pablo has turned me on to an excellent video blog (I guess it's a video blog. It's video, and has new "entries" most day). It's clever, and fun, and has running gags, and often makes fun of Bush, and each entry is usually about 2 or 3 minutes long.

Anyway, it's The Show with Ze Frank. Check it out!

Here's a great episdoe from last month.

Here's a goodie from earlier this week.

The daily link can be found here. They're not all gems, but so far I'm pleased to be spending 2 minutes a few times a week on this guy. It's time that I'd otherwise be frittering away at my job.


The Tart said...

Hmm. He talks fast!
So I feel it is my duty to post a link to my 2 favorite videos, natch.

>2 funny videos

Children may watch! No political messages ... unless you work for PETA & are trying to save PEEPS.


The Tart
; )

Mike said...

Howdy Jocelyn. Your vids are cute, and I suppose mine are not so safe for kids. I know I don't want Daisy watching them.

Badaunt said...

Zefrank is WONDERFUL. I've had him linked for years... but haven't checked out his site for months, so didn't know he had video blogging.

I'm fairly sure his Life Lessons would be PERFECTLY suitable for Daisy.

(And now I'm going to check out his video blogs.)

Badaunt said...

Oh, and thiS is utterly BRILLIANT.

Mike said...

Badaunt, I hadn't seen that "Red Alert" film. That's really good. Sometime soon, someone is going to pay Zefrank to be funny. I don't know what his day job is, but I sure hope it takes advantage of his brilliance.

Janelle Renee said...

Hey, will you look at that...

You DID write a post about Ze Frank. I thought he looked familiar when I discovered him and subsequently got you hooked on him.

Mike said...

I think I'm also the guy who introduced you to R.