Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It was a sad day for me today.

After 41 miraculous days, after 130 bone-jarring miles, after 16.5 mind-numbing hours, after one of the rainiest periods that San Francisco has ever known, my streak has finally ended. It rained throughout my innocuous little 5-mile lunchtime run today, bringing an anticlimactic end to my phenomenal streak of not getting rained on during my runs.

It's wasn't all bad though. I had dressed in a vaguely uncomfortable tight stretchy top. The discomfort of the shirt helped distract me from the annoyance of the constant rainfall. Mind over precipitation, my friends.

It's hard coming to grips with the fact that maybe Mother Nature isn't altering the weather for my comfort. I was kind of hoping that this was a perk of being one of the Chosen People. Those 40 years that Moses wandered in the desert? That was really just a longer streak.

Anyway, I'm ok with this. Don't cry for me, blogospheregentina.


Janelle Renee said...

Oh, I'm crying for you. Although it isn't for the reason you think.

Mike said...

My curiousity is piqued! Why are you crying for me? Just general pity?

Janelle Renee said...

You don't know?

Oh, it's worse than I imagined.

The Tart said...

Is this kinda like "I scream you scream we ALL scream for ice cream?" If yes, I must be crying for Mike too! ; )

Will contact Mother Nature ASAP, I owe her $50. Sheesh!

Boo Hooey Smooch,
The Tart

(Psssssssst. Why are we crying?)

Mike said...

Jocelyn, I don't know, but I'm feeling teary now too.

zelda1 said...

Since I live in an area where we really get rain, like thunder and lightening and downpours that last all day long and you get soaked even with an umbrella, well, I must say that going jogging in the rain isn't something we do. I have never understood the movies where guys and gals go for romantic walks in the rain and they kiss and it's all good. Here, they'd be washed away, like down the street, into the drain pipe, through the underground system and eventually end up in the Arkansas river, where they'd float around amongst big huge tree limbs, muddy water, and catfish bigger than most minivans. Yes, Yes, so, so, my thinking is, when you see the clouds, when you see the rain begin to fall, unless it's just a mist or sprinkle, run for the nearest shelter and wait it out. So, hope you can manage several more hundreds of times of jogging without the untimely rain falling down and making you totally uncomfortable. Plus, rain, well, it has bacteria that comes down and also pollution and then you have that whole being exposed to disease causing organic and inorganic material so, don't, that is don't run in the rain.

Mike said...

Zelda1, bacteria? catfish bigger than minivans?!?!? Holy cow1 I'm never running in the rain again!