Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I believe that everyone has a special gift.

Some people are really good at blogging. Others excel at creating universes. My special gift is not getting rained on while I go for a run.

I know! I couldn't believe it at first either!

I run 3 times a week. My old bones can't handle running 2 days in a row, so I have a regular schedule: Saturday morning, Tuesday at lunch, and Thursday at lunch.

Meanwhile, this March was the rainiest March ever in San Francisco. It rained for 25 of 31 days and so far we've seen rain in all 4 days of April. This has been uncommon weather.

Remarkably, in the 15 runs I've done since March 1st not a drop has landed on me. Sometimes the rain stops an hour before I start, and other times it starts mere minutes after I'm done. I haven't had to modify my schedule in the slightest. I'm pretty sure this streak goes back further than 15 runs, but there's no need to brag.

How can this be? Well, there are two schools of thought:

1) I control the weather

Although I like the simplicity of this answer, and the Keep It Simple Stupid principle dictates that the simplest answer is usually the best one, I must admit that I'm not consciously altering the weather. If I could I'd make it snow chocolate chip cookies and rain orgasms.

Thus we're left with the only other rational choice:

2) Mother Nature is sweet on me.

It's cute that she has a crush on me. I'm not sure how to reciprocate without breaking my marriage vows, but I'm looking into it.

The streak is alive at 15, my friends. What's your special gift?


Janelle Renee said...

I wish you did control the weather. I wouldn't mind your kind of rain.

My special gift? I'm drawing a blank on this one.

dolface said...

at least now i have someone to blame for what happened on MY runs.


btw, the captcha for this comment was "vxlgjcwk", which i believe is a town in wales.

Mike said...

jr, even if I could control the weather, I don't know if I could make it rain orgasms in the 'burbs.

Dolface, Mother Nature hates vegans. She nurtures all those tasty animals for you to eat and what do you do? Nothing.

Siôn said...

you're right dolface. It's just next to Llanfaircaereinion.

Mike said...

Siôn, we know that's not a real Welsh city. It has too many vowels.

Janelle Renee said...

I'm not in the 'burbs, you dork! (And you are a dork in the best way. I don't know what that means either.)

Urban living=East Bay!

Granted, it's not as urban as SF, but I'm not in Walnut Creek-- the REAL B+T crowd.

Go ahead, give me the last word. I know you want to.

Siôn said...

Fair cop Mike...I meant Llanystumdwy

Mike said...

jr, no need too get defensive. Before I grew up, I used to live in the East Bay too.

Siôn, what's with the new profile pic? It's very After-I-Write-This-Comment- I'm-Going-To-Rob-A -Train.

Janelle Renee said...

Before you grew up? You do mean to say that you grew up in the East Bay, right?

I am so not letting you have the last word, even on your blog, if it's a mean one!

OK. Maybe I will. Let me have it.

Mike said...

jr, it's totally ok. I used to be immature about getting the last word too. I think it was back when I lived in the East Bay.

Siôn said...

Mike - I just fancied a change. To me it says "look athe bleary eyes of the bloke that's obviously had too much sambuca"

Mike said...

Sambuca??? What the hell happened to beer?

Siôn said...

The beer came earlier in the night.