Friday, March 24, 2006

Living in a big city, and having wordly friends, my life is a cornucopia of culture and art. The living room of my house is a virtual stage, brimming with performances from singers, dancers, and multi-disciplinary artists of every kind. My farts are melodious and my crap is festooned with colorful bits of semi digested gourmet meals.

Whoop. Hang on.

Sorry, I was writing about someone else's life there for a minute. In my life I only have one artistic friend. Her name is Johanna and she needs your help.

Johanna is collecting apologies: yours, mine, and anyone else's for a book she's creating. She'll take these apologies and print them into a hand-crafted art book using invisible ink. Under normal light the pages will be blank, but when viewed under a black light, the apologies will be revealed. I wrote about a similar project she did about a year ago, creating a book of secrets. I saw the book at a showing and it was excellent.

I urge you to go to her web page, read about the project, and make any apologies that have been weighing on your conscience. No Hail Mary's required.

What do you get out of this?
  • You get to make that apology that has been festering in your soul like the pint of semen in Rod Stewart's stomach.
  • Your apology might end up as a piece of art! How cool is that?
  • You get TWO brownie points towards being my friend.*
  • You get to help out a geniunely nice person.

* Redeemable at participating bloggers only. Dates and times are limited. Definition of "friend" varies depending upon your physical attractiveness.


Leesa said...

This is cool, I will play:)
Oh and I posted on it too, hope that's okay.

Mike said...

Leesa, that's excellent. You get THREE brownie points!

The Tart said...

YOU are a sick ticket Mr. Mike!

Where do U get this stuff... 1st paragraph, LOL.
Still laughing must reread! ; ) More laughs...

OK, giggle, I will check out her bloggy artsy project.

The Tart

Mike said...

Jo*, A minor comment about the content of my feces makes me a "sick ticket"? May I recommend that you not surf the rest of the Internet then.

zelda1 said...

Did it, well actually did it yesterday.

Badaunt said...

Oh, dear. I have so many apologies backed up I'm a bit worried that once I start I won't be able to stop.

Mike said...

Zelda1, thank you!

Badaunt, have a seat on my couch. Tell me about your childhood. Let it all out, dear.