Sunday, March 05, 2006

Last night was our somewhat regular monthly poker game. After a brief consultation with Google that the expression is "Beer before liquor, never been sicker" and not "beer after liquor, never been sicker", we busted out the martini classes at the beginning of the evening.

Martinis get me drunk pretty quickly. Maybe it's that the vodka affects me more strongly than beer, or perhaps it has something to do with our oversized martini glasses, but I was feeling no pain pretty early on in the evening. A couple hours later I was slurring my words and had completely forgotten the most important rule of drinking. That rule is: Drink Lots Of Water.

Thankfully I didn't start puking, but I did wake up this morning with a sizable headache. It has been quite a while since I was hungover. I had forgotten how unpleasant it is.

Unfortunately, when I got out of bed, our house was already filled with activity. Hank had invited some other parents from Daisy's school over, so that they could work on a school project. Meanwhile I had promised Daisy that I would go buy bagels for breakfast, so I was forced to actually be productive and social on a day when all I really wanted to do was moan helplessly.

The whole day was pretty busy, filled with houseguests, errands and chores. My hangover did eventually subside, but I never really felt 100%. Thus I ended up cheating today's guests of being able to enjoy the full magnificence of my awesome wit. Poor bastards.

We never got to the beer.


Janelle Renee said...

This post sounds like a good nominee for this whine contest:

It takes one to know one.

Mike said...

Trust me, janelle renée, had I known there was a contest going on, I could have pinched off a super whiner.

zelda1 said...

That's why I quit drinking, the hangover that is; well the drinking, my drinking was only social, every once in a while us girls would go to town and get plastered, the next day, well you know. Mine was rum, it made me so sick. I would heave all morning and then have this incurable headache. You'd think I would have learned but as soon as the gals and I'd go out, Rum and coke. Yep, that was me. No more. My writer's group meets every Monday and sometimes, I have a wine cooler or a really strong cider, but no more hard stuff. At least you got over it, well partially over it. Did you win big?

Mike said...

I could indeed take my hangover as a sign that I shouldn't get drunk, but I didn't actually start winning until I was drunk. My $10 of pure profit all came at the end. I've learned a valuable lesson here.