Monday, February 06, 2006

A new era of parenting has dawned in our house, a great and magnificent era.

The roots of this new era are alluded to in one of humankind's most sacred texts, the Old Testament. As I recall from Genesis 1:1, on the first day, God created photons. The next few days were a blur of land, heavens, plants, animals, and chocolate. On the sixth day, God created man.

Do you know what God did the next day? He rested. Do you know why God rested? Because God was very very tired from having all those little'uns running around. Kids are exhausting!

Now, do you know how God was able to get away from it all and enjoy some quality God time? I'm suspecting he shuffled Adam and Eve off to a sleepover.

YES! Daisy is now old enough and brave enough to go sleep over at her friends' houses! Hooooo hoooo! For the small reciprocal price of taking care of some other parent's bundle of joy another night, the wife and I get to enjoy a kid-free evening. Such a deal! It's like one of those deals where you can buy 10 CDs for a penny, and all you have to do is be a member of the CD club for a year or so. The only difference is that I don't have to send in a postcard each month saying that I don't want their crappy CD of the month. Hoooray for crappy and outdated analogies!

Don't get me wrong. Daisy is a great kid, blah blah blah, but sometimes it's nice to have the house just for the grownups. I get to do exciting grownup things like eating spicy food! Mmmmmm hmmmmm, soooo good.

Hooray for the parenting sabbath.


zelda1 said...

When my children were young and very consuming, I dreamed of the day they would be old enough for sleepovers, but my kids wanted to bring their friends to my house for sleepovers, so I consented and soon we had boys in one room, girls in another room and me routing the traffic from my son's friends to the my daughter's friends. It was not the daughter and her friend who wanted to mingle with the younger brother and his friends. Ha. But then they grew up and soon they left home, and then for about a year or so, I had my dream come true. I had the freedom to walk around naked, that got old real quick. I had the freedom to use the bathroom and take a shower without being interrupted by senseless teenage chatter or arguments, that I missed, and then there was the adult food, I could finally eat artichoke hearts and mushrooms, and other hated vegetables, but then my kids developed a taste for those grown up things and at any moment in time, they would walk through the door, uninvited, and raid my refrigerator and ask me if I was going to eat these and I'd say well no go ahead. Anyway, my point, there will never ever in your life be freedom again. You are a parent and while you might get a night here, a semester there, a few years here again, they always come home, they are like swallows, they come back to the same nest every time and don't think you can move, they follow you. YOu wake up and they are watching your TV eating your chips, or sleeping on your sofa, or using your computer. It's all very nice the way kids are. But, it's worth it every time you remember those sweet little kisses and those precious moments. Yeah right!

Tasty said...

WOO-HOO for you and Hank!

Mike said...

Zelda1, hey, don't rain on my parade! I'll take these occasional nights of freedom.

Tasty, yes, woo hoo for us!