Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My daughter has been home sick the last couple days. Today my wife went off to work, leaving me and Uncle TV to watch over Daisy. I'll admit that Uncle TV has been doing most of the heavy lifting, since I'm actually trying to get some work done.

Daisy is actually feeling much better today. Her fever is down to 98.6, and her sass is up to 100%. I could sense a return to normalcy when she started hounding me in the kitchen about a small hole in my jeans, in the derriere area (say that 5 times fast). Amazingly stupidly, rather than ignoring her taunts, I chose this moment in her development to teach her one of the most important of childhood rhymes:

I see London,
I see France,
I see insert_name_here's underpants!

How long did it take me to regret this? About as long as it took her to start shrieking this rhyme as she danced around the kitchen, or, roughly, -2 seconds. I stood in the middle of this, and contemplated how I could rescue myself from this potty-mouthed poetic predicament. Inspiration struck after a minute or so.

"Daisy!" I exclaimed, "I can see your epidermis!"

Hah! Stopped her right in her tracks, as she nervously pawed at her pajamas.

That'll teach my wife to go to work.


zelda1 said...

That reminds me of my grandson, and me teaching him that, Boys are from Jupiter cause they are more stupider and girls are from Mars cause they get candy bars. Well, that was about five years ago, and that haunting little verse gets recited at the most inappropriate times so get ready for the underpants verse to be shouted out at the next family gathering or the next shopping trip. Oh boy!

Mike said...

Hi Zelda1, those darn planets are filled with unpleasant rhymes. At the end of this post, I write about a similar problem.

I fear the day when Daisy figured out what rhymes with Uranus.

Erin said...

Man, you're really, REALLY funny. REALLY funny.

Mike said...

Mom? Is that you? I know you're proud of me, but quit reading my blog, mom!

Erin said...

I've been reading your archives at work, and I keep having to minimize the window when people walk by who are, well, working. So when you check your site stats? The person who was here for seven hours, thirty-four minutes? That's me.

Mike said...

7 hours and 34 minutes? Well, at least one of us is getting 26 minutes of work done today.