Monday, November 28, 2005

Two Moments In Parenting

1) My wife took a cool picture of our daughter in the bathtub. Daisy was lying almost entirely submerged in the tub, with her hair floating and flowing around her head. It was all arty and crap. We showed the picture to a friend.

"Oh, Daisy, you look like a mermaid!" our friend exclaimed, "Are you going to grow up to be a mermaid?"

Daisy rolled her eyes back into her head. They may have done a loop or flip. "No! Could a kitten grow up to be a kangeroo?

BAM! In your face, friend! You've been out-logic'ed by our six year-old daughter. I'm so proud of Daisy for constructing an argument by taking a premise to its absurd conclusion. Just like her old man! She'll stymie her enemies and frustrate her friends. My heart swelled with pride.

2) The wife was reading bedtime stories to our daughter the other night. I came in to say goodnight, then closed her bedroom door on my way out. I started down the stairs in my socks and suddenly slipped. I landed hard on my butt and my elbow and slid down a few steps. It made an awful racket.

My wife called out from the bedroom, "Is everything ok?"

"Don't mind me," I replied, sheepishly collecting myself.

My daughter then busted up.

“Oh, mommy! This is going to be SO hilarious! Daddy is going to keep making that noise, and then keep saying, 'Don't mind me! Don't mind me!'"

My only hope is that my eventual demise will be suitably slapsticky to elicit some hearty guffaws from my daughter.


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