Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I spent some time the last couple days writing a post about religion. I tried to make insightful comments about raising a child in a religion-free home, but after some contemplation (and feedback), I've determined that everything I have to say on the matter is either trite or offensive. Normally that combination of attributes means that I've hit the I Am Prepared to Give Up at Any Time sweet spot, but I just don't have it in me this week. Instead, this week, in honor of Thanksgiving, I'm going for smarmy rather than trite and offensive.

So, Happy Thanksgiving, all. Make sure your turkey isn't infested with avian flu. That's holiday buzzkill for sure.


tinyhands said...

Your lack of religious fanaticism is offensive.

Mike said...

Tiny, thankfully you were the one person I wanted to offend.

TC Byrd said...

When you get back to feeling snarky, I would like to read that post. I think the issue is an important one.

When I was small, my mother had stopped going to church, and we really didn't talk about religion that I can remember. But when I went through a phase of wanting to go, and she cheerfully took me. (I stopped on my own when I discovered that according to them, my mother would never get to Heaven, as she did not attend church. Damn, I thought to myself--I don't want to go to Heaven if my mother's not gonna be there!)

Mike said...

Hi TC,

I may come back to the issue if I can swallow down some less offensive ways to make my points, but if you're looking for insightful comments on important issues, then you've clearly come to the wrong blog.

Good story about church though.