Sunday, October 30, 2005

I remember Saturday mornings before Daisy was born. They typically went like this:
  • Roll out of bed mid-morning
  • Lollygag
  • Stroll down to local diner for coffee-toast-eggs-bacon
  • Leisurely peruse newspaper, eyeing the movie listings
  • Perform some sort of debauchery
  • Deliberately waste time (e.g. practice hanging spoons from face, or have a lollygagging race)
Now how do my weekends start? What fabulous and relaxing activity is currently filling my previously idle Saturday mornings?

Picking lice out of each other's scalps! Yay!!

Ok, it's not quite that exciting. We didn't actually find any lice.

Apparently there is a charming case of head lice going around in my daughter's public school. Nice. I guess we wouldn't want daddy's tapeworm to be the only parasite in the house. So, we spent some quality family time yesterday peering at each other's scalps, wondering if this flake of dandruff, or that bit of carpet fuzz was an actual louse. So far, none found.

It's pretty cool being me.


Eponymous Pseudonym said...

OK, Dolface. Enough's enough. You've had your fun. Time to give it back to Mike.

Mike said...

Hey, it's not Dolface! It's me, Mike! Really! He's the evil one with the goatee and the sash.

Leesa said...

Lice & tapeworms...lovely Halloween conversation Mike :)

tinyhands said...

A perfect opportunity to shave her head.

Vivian to Some said...

Yay for headlice. Just wait til crabs..

Mike said...

Diggity dang! Everyone has something to say about lice!

Leesa, thanks, I'm all about holidays.

Tiny, I do not think you have our best interests at heart.

Vivian, if you are implying that my baby girl will ever have some sort of STD, then you have made me cry.

tinyhands said...

She could be Ripley from Alien3 for the-day-after-Halloween.

Mike said...

Tiny, or adding a picture of the Pope makes her Sinead o'Connor! Or a lollypop makes her Kojak! We can make a huge list of horrible ideas!

chess h said...

So, assuming none of the shaven-head costume ideas were accepted, what did she finally go trick-or-treating as?

Mike said...

Chess, she was a superhero she had invented: Lighta, whose superpower is sight (being able to see through walls, in the dark, etc).