Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First off, I'm suddenly getting a bunch of comment spam. This is very annoying.

It doesn't happen on all posts, only those that have certain spam-related keywords. One such keyword seems to be...hmmmm, how I say the word without triggering the spambots?

Ok, one such word seems to be enis-pay. I know this because I'm suddenly getting a lot of spam comments about enispay enlargementay, and they only appear on those posts that mention my enispay or, oddly enough in this blog, more often, someone else's enispay. I have, as it turns out, a lot of posts like that. A lot of posts. A quick search of my blog indicates that I mention enispays twice as often as I mention software. Highbrow stuff here.

So, I'm wondering how annoying it would be if I turned on that nasty feature where commenters are forced to type in that crazy-font word.

Hmmm? Raise your hand if that seems draconian.

Or should I just get the enlargement?

Secondly, I had an argument with a coworker today about whether Kelly Clarkson or Christina Aguilera is a better singer. My fervent insistence, combined with strategic use of the word "octave" may have won me the argument, but at what price?

What kind of a world is it when two grown men have an instant messenger argument about pop stars? I feel ashamed.


dolface said...

i say go for the captchas, especially if you can request ones that say enispay or otumscray.
as for your argument about whether bimbo #1 or bimbo #2 is a better singer, i think the obvious answer is 'neither'.
(this crankypants, non-spam comment brought to you courtesy of the sadistic russian dentists who tenderized my mouth this evening. and i gave them money to do it).

Mike said...

Dolface, oooh! Captchas is a great word!

And I recommend Jamaican dentists. So laid back!

tinyhands said...

I was holding off on turning-on word verification but after a bunch of comment spam on mine as well I turned it on.

I disabled anonymous comments long ago, so I'm clearly not too concerned about inconveniencing you people who visit me.

Mike said...

Louie, you're a horrible blog host. I wasn't even offered something to drink.

tinyhands said...

I tried to give you a cock ring, but you must have deleted the link...

Mike said...

I'll be more careful in the future. I hate missing opportunities like that.

Leesa said...

I couldn't tell you which one is the better singer. I think it's funny that was a conversation of yours. My Hub couldn't tell you who either one of them were.