Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Day Two of the Great Media Swap is coming to a close. I don't think I've turned into a Republican yet, but I suuuuure am annoyed.

In general I have a very very low tolerance for talk radio. If I want to hear blathering uninformed idiots, I'll just listen to myself. I have a lot to say. So, conservative "Hot Talk" talk radio is pretty much at the limit of what I'm capable of tolerating without combusting.

That being said, the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity radio shows were the BEST thing I listened today. The worst? Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

Dr. Laura is a holier-than-thou Jewish version of a Born Again Christian. She is rude, simplistic, and shrill. Maybe back when she was posing for nude pictures she was a fun gal, but now? Not so fun.

If you've never heard her show, here are some examples. Honestly, these are BARELY exaggerated.

Caller 1: Hi Dr. Laura. I need some help.
Dr. Laura: I see that.
Caller 1: It's's just that I'm soooo lonely (sobbing)
Dr. Laura: And your question for me is?
Caller 1: I'm...(sobbing)...I just don't know how to make friends. How can I find friends? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I think I'm boring.
Dr. Laura: You sound boring. Don't whine. I can't stand whiners. Find some hobbies or join a church group. Next caller.

Caller 2: Hi Dr. Laura. I've been married for 33 years and about 12 years ago we started attending...
Dr. Laura: Do you have a question for me?
Caller 2: Oh, uh, yes. Well, I was wondering if I should leave my husband...
Dr. Laura: Yes. Next caller.

Caller 3 (a couple): Hi Dr. Laura. We called your show a month ago wondering how to fix our marriage. You told us to court each other.
Dr. Laura: Yes, I recall. How is that going?
Caller 3: tried...
Dr. Laura: You tried? It sounds like you didn't try. Next caller.

That last call? Not exaggerated in the slightest. That's almost exactly the conversation they had. How this is construed as "advice", I do not know. Dr. Laura, my question for you is, "WHY ARE YOU SO RUDE?!"

Oh, man, this show totally destroys what tiny faith I had left in humanity. First, why do people call into this show? Are they unable to determine in advance what she's going to say? She will berate them for being weak and then hang up on them!

More importantly, why do people (who aren't conducting a Great Media Swap) listen to this show? It's painful. My ears bleed.


politically bipolar said...

I listened to her once, and it was exactly as you describe. She didn't listen to her callers. She not only had zero compassion for them, she pretty much abused them. You're right: excruciating. At least Rush is (or can be) amusing.

For the record, I have known a number of "Born Again Christians" who were polite, complex and softspoken.

Stacey said...

The only time I've ever listened to Dr. Laura is when I've been on long car rides trying to stay awake ...

She gets me so fuming angry, that there's absolutely no chance of me getting sleepy behind the wheel.

As for listening to her any other time, I'd rather listen to a thousand nails being raked down a chalkboard.

That at least would be enjoyable ...

Leesa said...

I used to listen to her on long car rides also. She is way too much on the ears. I also wondered the same thing...If you're calling into her show, it means you've obviously listened to her show. How can you be surprised at how she is going to respond?

Mike said...

BP, Stacey, and Leesa, so what's wrong with the REST of the world?

Janelle Renee said...

Have you ever listened to Air America? Randi Rhodes? Al Franken? 960 AM. I find them to be very informative and entertaining. Just thought I'd pass that along.

Mike said...

Hi Janelle,

No, I've never listened to it, but I'll give it a shot in a month when I'm allowed to take in non-conservative viewpoints again.