Friday, August 12, 2005

We're going camping this weekend. This promises to be a pain in the ass...more trouble than its worth...dirty fun.

Yes... fun. Lookit me smile so big it's practically stuck on my face!

Back on Sunday. Hold down the blogspot domain for me. Thanks.


Leesa said...

Have fun! It rained on us for the first three days and was in the 50's. I had a plastered smile also. :)

Mike said...

Oh, if it rains on me, I'm coming home. Mikey don't play that.

I Am Prepared to Give Up at Any Time.

Janelle Renee said...

Where???? Yosemite? Pine Crest? Hayward?

Colby said...

I will reiterate my mantra toward camping: Why would I go on vacation to live like a homeless man?

Mike said...

Janelle, although the lure of scenic Hayward was strong, we ended up about 90 miles north of S.F. on the coast of Sonoma County, just off Highway 1. It was here:

Colby, well 2 reasons really:

1) Because the wife wanted to
2) Nature and campfires are nice

Besides, our campsite was about $25/night. I don't think homeless folks can afford that easily.

Jack Abrasive said...

Salt Point looks lovely.

But you know, Mr. Programmer, the cool thing about the Web is that when you refer to another website, you can actually make it an active link.

Mike said...

Thanks for the HTML lesson, Jack. I was going to insert the link, but the text on this "comment" page actually deterred me from doing so.