Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Some people get to my blog by googling on Dean Karnazes. As you may recall, he's the fruitcake who aspires to run more than 300 miles without stopping. Specifically, these people google on Dean Karnazes Height. What they see on the google results page is my blog description that says that I'm "funnier than Dean Karnazes".

What's the deal with Dean's height? I'm guessing that he's a short man, as well as unfunny. So, diggity dang! That's another way in which I kick his ass. Being of average height, I probably tower above the munchkin. Hah!

I love that my blog description says that I'm funnier than Dean. I think I could come up with a slew of similar comparisons to various famous folk:

"Tanner than Nicole Kidman!"
"Faster than Strom Thurmond!"
"Hairier than Marilyn Monroe!'

Is there any logical reason why this should make me feel superior? Probably not. Will that stop me? Probably not.

That's all I have today. As you were.


Will said...

Was wondering who Dean Karnazes was...

Mike said...

As it turns out, if long distance running isn't your sport of choice, there's no real reason to know who he is.

Anonymous said...

you're a loser.

Mike said...

Anon, ouch! Oh, man, that hurts.

I hope you find the Dean Karnazes porn you were googling for.

Anonymous said...

Dean Karnazes is the man and you are a fag have another cup of joe and tell another lame story. By the way dean also helped raise money for a girl who needed a heart transplant what the fuck have you ever done you lame piece of shit

Mike said...

Anon, my oh my, such vitriol. If you can't tell, these "comparisons" I'm making to Dean Karnazes are not serious. I don't even know if I'm taller or funnier than the guy.

All we really know is that he's a better runner than I am, and that you need to find some things to read that don't make you so angry.