Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ok, here's me blogging from my cell phone.

We're in a crappy hotel in Maryland for the next few days, so I'm just
a scooch cranky. Unusual for me, no?

As we were frantically getting ready to go to the airport yesterday my
dad called to see if I knew the address of the hotel where we'd all be
meeting up on Friday. I reminded him that he had sent it to me in an
email a week or two earlier. I then cut him off in midsentence as he
began reciting the address to me.

I surely love my parents, but, man they have been inundating me with
"reminders" and information for months now about the cruise. I'm a
big boy now! Some might even say a grown-ass man!

My favorite is when my parents send me an email and then call me an
hour or two later to tell me that they sent me an email. I encourage
them to follow that up with an in-person visit, a telegram, and then
some smoke signals.

That is all. Typing on a cell phone keyboard bites.


Eponymous Pseudonym said...

I knew a guy in New Orleans who had a huge file cabinet full of printouts of all his emails. And when he got one that he wanted to show to one of his employees (he was a business manager, natch), he would print it out and carry the sheet over to the employee's desk. "Have you seen this email!?" he'd say, waving the paper in front of the employee. It was positively Dilbertian.

Mike said...

Dilbertian. Good word. I swear, however, that I have technically proficient friends that actually sometimes print out email and web pages (like Slashdot for crissakes! It shouldn't even be possible to print out Slashdot). I won't name names, but their initials are Jay and Pablo.