Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My daughter likes to have me keep her company while she gets dressed in the morning. This morning, some bitlet of conversation prompted me to sing the one line of "Do You Know The Way To San Jose" that I know.

Daughter: Daddy, keep singing that song.
Me: Sorry, that's the only line that I remember.
Daughter: Oh.
Me: You know, you're the only person who ever wants to hear me sing.
Daughter: Why don't other people want to hear you sing?
Me: Because I'm a horrible singer.
Daughter: I love hearing you sing! You're a great singer.
Me: No, no I'm not, but thanks.
Daughter: You're great at singing that "Pink Moon" song.

(When my daughter was younger, we had a nightly pre-bedtime ritual where I would fire up the Nick Drake song, "Pink Moon" (which you may recall from a lovely Volkswagon commercial a couple years ago). I'd hold her in my arms, dance slowly, and sometimes softly sing along with the music. Apparently my daughter believed that I was the original singer of that song. It was a sad day, years later, when we had to tell her the truth.)

Me: You remember that that wasn't really me singing that song, right?
Daughter: Yes, but you sang along, didn't you?
Me: Yes.
Daughter: I liked that.

I liked it too.


nomax said...

That's a darned sweet story. I bet that makes up for about an hour of the 18 months of lost sleep you had :-)

Mike said...

nomax, Although the relationship between sweetness and sleep-deprivation has never been proven, your estimate seems about right.

aHeart2Follow said...

That is too sweet. Kids are the greatest. I returned to work today after a month long vacation. (I'm a nanny) And seeing the baby was like seeing my own child. She's grown so much in so little time. She's even half-way potty trained. God I love kids...

dolface said...

what have you done with mike!?, it's clear you're in imposter, where's the bitter curmudgeon we know and love?

where's the real mike!!??

Mike said...

melancholyqueen, I'm still not willing to admit that kids are the greatest, but I'll concede that they aren't the worst.

dolface, just a momentary lapse. Sorry. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Stacey said...

Holy warm & fuzzy ... I think a chunk of ice just melted off my heart. (That or I'm finally thawing out now that I've been inside the house for an hour.)

Mike said...

Stacey, if this whole computer programming thing doesn't work out, I'm considering a career in greeting card slogans. I'll keep you posted.