Friday, March 18, 2005

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a gourmet cook. Back when I was a bachelor living by myself, I had a one-pot rule. (Incidentally, the "One China" policy, currently espoused by mainland China, was based on my one-pot rule. Long story.) I wouldn't cook anything that required dirtying more than one pot. Ideally the food would be eaten in the same dish it was cooked in. Hence, I microwaved a lot of dinners.

I recall that my favorite recipe back then was this:

1) Open can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli
2) Dump can contents into microwavable bowl
3) Add a couple squirts of Tabasco sauce
4) Stir
5) Microwave

Yes, I was the one who invented that. Any fool can eat Chef Boyardee, but the genius is in the Tabasco. Sometimes, I even impress myself.

Anyway, I mention this because I've outdone myself AGAIN, and I'd like to present my latest culinary masterpiece.

1) Have wife make popcorn
2) Add salt to popcorn
3) Add pepper to popcorn

Yes, pepper! The pepper adds essential deliciousness to the popcorn. I urge you all to try this.

Happy Friday.


Vivian to Some said...

Your culinary prowess astounds!

Mike said...

I sense mocking. Listen, put the damn pepper on the damn popcorn, THEN you may mock me.