Saturday, March 26, 2005

At 5:30pm on Friday, I quit working and came downstairs into the kitchen. My daughter was sitting at the table eating an early dinner. My wife was puttering around.

I slowly raised my arms above my head and carefully screamed, "SPRING BREAK! WOOOOOO!"

My daughter paused from her dinner to stare at me. My wife ignored me entirely. She knows not to encourage me.

With my arms still raised, I repeated my thoughtful sentiment, "WOOOOOOOOOO! SPRING BREAK, TWO-THOUSAND-FIVE! WOOOOOO!"

My daughter eyed me carefully. Her interest was piqued. My wife continued to putter.

Undeterred, I cried out again, "SPRIIIIING BREAK! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!"

It took.

My wife reluctantly raised her arms in the air and emitted a semi-enthusiastic, "Spring Break!". My wide-eyed daughter carefully put down her fork, raised her arms, opened her broccoli-and-carrot-filled mouth, and let out a screechy and high-pitched "Woooooooooooohooooooooooooo!". In an approving nod from the gods, no vegetables tumbled from her mouth.

And so, with much fanfare, Spring Break 2005 began in our household. This upcoming week, my daughter's school is closed, and so I will be in charge of keeping her entertained/alive. The former is my forte.

I'm off to assemble the sippy cup bong. See ya

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