Sunday, February 13, 2005

You know those moments where the hair stands up on the back of your neck, when you say, "Wow!" and you remember why we were all put on this earth? That's what Google's been doing for me.

First off, have you seen Google Maps? Damn, it is SLICK! The maps are beautiful, and you can scroll around on the map, just by dragging your mouse. It gave me one of those Google Moments. They seem to do things with a browser that no one else does. Afterwards, I felt like doing things with my browser too.

My favorite Google Moment recently was when I used it as a spell checker the other day. Often, when I can't decide how to spell a word, I'll type it in my Google search box, and see if Google corrects my spelling with one of those "Did you mean...?" messages. I was trying to decide if I should spell "dickwad" with a space in it or not. I think we've all been there. I typed "dick wad" into Google and got this reply.

Why, yes, I DID mean dickwad. Google, you've read my mind again.

Google, baby, I know there are a lot of users out there, but...crap, this is hard.

Google, sweetie, will you be my valentine? <3 <3 <3


amy said...

feb.14th it's official 12:03 AM
happy valentine's day. i thank you for your zany friendship .... through our blogs. have an amazing week. inky

Badaunt said...

Be careful what you ask for. You could end up with Google Scholar (, in which case when she whispers sweet nothings in your ear you might end up hearing something like this: "High temperature operation at up to 90°C has been achieved in 65O nm-band AlGaInP visible laser diodes with a real refractive index guided self-aligned structure using an AlInP current blocking layer..."

Or... worse! You could end up with this!

"In must broosers yuoo cun joost heet zee retoorn key insteed ooff cleecking oon zee seerch boottun. Bork bork bork!"


Happy Valentine's Day!

Siôn said...

That's great - but I can't find Wales. ..or Europe...actually, almost all the countries of the world have disappeared. Has it finally happened? Is the US (and Canada and Mexico, but nevermind that) the only country left in the world?
(Though, on the plus side - England has gone. Every cloud...)

Mike said...

Inky, Happy Valentines Day to you too. It's been a pleasure.

Badaunt, you know, I found that first quote of yours to be a bit of a turn on. Geeks are hot. That bit about the guided self-aligned structure? Mmmmm....

Siôn, the Google Maps thing is still being beta tested (although knowing Google, that could go on for years). I strongly suspect that Wales will appear on their map in subsequent months. Just a matter of time before you can lovingly scroll through England.