Friday, February 18, 2005

The wait is over. I have posted a lovely image of myself in my profile. A collective sigh from the blogosphere is heard.

Now, I know that this is just a computer drawing and not a real photograph of me, but it's a pretty good likeness. Darn near spittin' image with the following exceptions:

1) My lips aren't usually that highschool-girl's-lipstick shade of pink, although they are just as kissable (not that I condone the kissing of highschool girls! As a future father of one, I do NOT).

2) My eyes are darker and are less Keane-creepy.

3) I don't always clutch a cup of coffee to my face. Pretty often though. I'm doing it now. Kind of burny.

Aside from that, it does look a lot like me. In real life I really do have my name ominously hovering near my head. It prevents me from pulling some sort of Ed Greer stunt.

In case you're interested, I made this "portrait" here. I'm one of the least artistically inclined people you'll ever meet, so it's safe to say that this is the best likeness of myself that I've ever crafted. I'm kind of a stick-figure type of artist. Not the funny and detailed stick figures though, just the crappy ones.

Now, if I can just rip my lips away from the computer screen, perhaps I'll get some work done today. So....darn.........kissable.....................


amy said...

hi...not sure if you knew this or not but i had to close down a girl called inky new URL is:

have a good weekend!
formerly known as inky (now ruby the misfit moonchild)

Mike said...

Thanks for the linky, inky.

However, the link you gave me doesn't appear to be the right one. The real link has an extra "d" in it after "moon". It seems to be:

It's not so much that you're a moon child as maybe that you were mooned as a child.

amy said...

yup i am "special".. FLIRT had me set that up after working 14 hours straight at two jobs and i was very disgruntled and not wearing my black funky glasses. So yes. you are the 2nd person to point out that i was mooned as a child and not really a moon child even though I was (a) mooned as a child AND (b) truly a human moon child. In any case, I have more important things to deal with. I'm getting a 2nd tattoo on Feb. 26th and have been trying to find the ever so popular crab design to get inked on. Why? Cuz that's what I want dammit.

Mike said...

Well, for what it's worth, the URL makes me smile whenever I see it.