Monday, January 10, 2005

They say that you should never apologize before making a speech nor point out the flaws afterwards. The theory is that the audience might not notice that anything was wrong.

Ignoring all that sort of hooey, allow me to perform a post-mortem on the Family Feud posts gone awry. Such promise, such disappointment. Here is my list of what went wrong in the great Family Feud Post Debacle

1) I started writing about an event that occurred over 15 years ago without watching the videotape first. I made various factual errors that jab me in the eye every time I see the first post.

2) Don't ever write about something that requires you to watch 2.5 hours of Family Feud as research. Ever.

3) That cutesy crap about asking the readers to go to the bathroom? Sometimes the 4th wall is best left unmolested.

4) Past tense, future tense, past tense, future tense. JESUS, MIKE, PICK A FREAKIN' TENSE!

5) All in all, I'm probably only on camera for a few minutes. Is that worth nearly 3500 words? Survey says....NO! In the land of, brevity is king.

6) When I was watching the videotapes, the ancient commercials were cracking me up. How did I get through 3500 words without a single Jake and the Fat Man joke? That's criminal.

Well, lest this post become Gleeman-length as well, I'll stop now

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