Friday, November 19, 2004

One of the problems with my job is that it's totally baffling to everyone outside of my industry. My father, who is pretty technically savvy, futilely scours the business section of the paper, looking for explanations of what my company does. My mother, who has become Internet-savvy herself, long ago resigned herself to just knowing that I do something with computers.

This last weekend I was pressed to come up with a description of my job in 20 words or less. I thought of this on the spot and it'll do for now:

I write software (3) that helps make large corporations more efficient (10) in ways that are incomprehensible (15 down, 5 left) to people (17)... that have personality (20) !

Yes, it's the career that we all dreamed of as small children. Astronaut, fireman, and incomprehensible corporate efficiency programmer. I'm having my business cards reprinted.


Tasty said...

After having spent 5 years as a writer in Corporate America, I'm thoroughly impressed that any computer-type has the skills to describe something both accurately, and *gasp* succinctly! My business card has my name and "Silly yet Sophisticated" printed on it. No phone numbers or email addresses; just the pertinent facts.

Tasty said...

Um, yeah, I've checked back like 6 times to see who else has read/commented. I'm a little obsessive like that. An obsessive stripper: who knew?

Mike said...

Well, no wonder you only strip as a hobby. With a business card like that, you can't expect to dredge up much business.

And if the truth must be known, I really don't ever give out business cards. I work at home! Who am I going to give them to? The mailman?