Friday, October 08, 2004

And, here I am at the airport at some Intel booth. For some reason they have laptops here for people to use for free. I guess I'm supposed to be dazzled by their ability to connect to the Internet. Oddly, I don't feel the dazzlement welling up inside me.

Mostly I'm just blogging here because I can.

My shirt has a small stain on it. This is practically a brand new shirt. I found it deep in the bowels of the closet last week (okokok, my wife found it). It was a gift to me sometime in the semi-distant past. It had somehow got lost in the shuffle that is our closet. I tend to have piles of crap in a couple spots in the house. Things sort of disappear into them and reappear randomly in the future, rarely when I need them.

Anyway, I wore this shirt for the first time last week. Washed it, put it on today, and somehow there's a stain on it. I feel unkempt. How hard is it to keep a new shirt unstained the first time you wear it? How hard is it to look at your clothing before putting it on? Answer? Too hard, apparently.

I guess I'm one of those people who walk around with stains on their shirt. Wave if you see me.

Marathon starts in 41 hours and 44 minutes.

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