Friday, August 06, 2004

Pretty busy day yesterday. Let's review.

During my early-morning exercise class (at Coit Tower!) my ultra fit instructor inquired about my marital status. She was hoping to fix me up with one of her girl friends. Usually I don't get those types of offers. Typically people say things to me like "You should meet my buddy Fred... and fix his computer. He'd do it himself, but he's too busy dating my hot friends."

When I bragged to my wife about my almost-potential-date she shrugged her shoulders and said, "Go for it." She's the jealous type. Harpy.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Giants game. They lost 12-3 including one horrific inning where they coughed up 10 runs to the Reds. The couple sitting to my left were Reds fans. They had a great time.

Afterwards I punished myself by doing a hill-repeat run. Hill repeats are an awful kind of workout where when you make it to the top of the hill, you reward yourself by jogging back down and doing it again and again and again. On the positive side, however, I did not actually die.

Had a lovely chat with some of the neighborhood gents after that. We lamented about the Giants and blamed various members of the Giants organization for their woes. We generously spread the blame around. Ill-advised pitching changes? Yep, we got 'em. Inexplicable trades by the GM, giving up valuable bullpen members to bolster an outfield already filled with hapless hitters? Indeed! Players who just plain looked tired? Yes, both young and old flavors! Check check check! Blame for all!

The day closed out with a trip to the mall for some birthday shopping. My daughter did her usual sing-and-dance routine throughout the mall, entertaining shoppers from the food court to Nordstrom.

So, in summary, I exercised, saw a ballgame, chatted with the neighbors, and went to the mall. Perhaps I am not the counter-culture anti-christ that I picture in my head. Hmmmm.

Note to self, be more satanic.


Anonymous said...

Ya - so you work at home, you're clearly revoltingly fit, you have an ultra-cool wife, a daughter who charms the public wherever you go and you get to go to ball games when most people are at work AND you got hit on majorly just yesterday. Plus, you seem to have decent neighbors. You are one ideal life-haver, it sounds from here. Life is sweet, init? - McDade

Mike said...

Okok, I admit that these times are pretty good. There's something to be said for the pre-kid days though. Back then my pursuits were a bit more hedonistic and less wholesome. Running is the world's lamest hobby.