Friday, April 30, 2004

Spent this week away from work again. Went to Disneyland with the family and a couple friends, then hit a baseball game yesterday. Today, I'm puttering around the house and doing chores.

Not too much to report about the Disney trip. I can officially declare that the housekeeping folks at the Hawthorne Suites in Anaheim have an impressively lackadaisical approach to work Sometimes your room gets cleaned and sometimes it doesn't. It's a daily surprise built into your vacation. That and the mystery liquid liquid in the hallways warrant a rating of What The Hell Is Going On Around Here? for the always surprising Hawthorne Suites. Congratulations.

The kidlet enjoyed the trip but found the rides to be generally too scary. Eventually we learned to avoid any attractions with the following characteristics:
- Speed
- Darkness
- Water
- Animatronics bigger than a breadbox

Those restrictions didn't leave us with many acceptable rides. The only rides that didn't scare the bejesus (sp?) out of her were the ones that basically just went around in a circle. Carousel. Dumbo. Other Dumbo-esque rides. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Had a pretty good time overall though.

The Giants game was a little better than I expected. Got to see Barry hit his 8,325,389,216th homer of the week. They lost, of course, but we Giants fans can take consolation in the close games. Close is good, right? 3-4.

Ok, 11:00am and no chores done so far.

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